*Explicit Speeches on the Occasion of Pakistani Independence Day 2023*

(Extracts from the eloquent speech delivered by *Mufti of Pakistan, Allama Muhammad Taqi Usmani*, may Allah protect him, at an event organized by Darul Uloom Karachi to raise the flag, celebrating the seventy-seventh anniversary of Pakistan’s independence and commemorating its noble message)

Here is a summary of the words of Allama Usmani (translated):


*Pakistan as I have Seen It Built:*

=”Perhaps I am one of the last who lived through the Pakistan independence movement and witnessed it with my own eyes.

I was a child, and I can still hear the voices of praise echoing in my ears, voices that adults and children alike chanted: What does Pakistan mean? There is no god but Allah!”


*Why do They Oppose It?*

=”In recent history, no other state has been established in the name of Islam and for the sake of Islam, other than Pakistan.

This is the primary reason for its enmity among its adversaries.

The second reason is that it is an Islamic atomic state, possessing the atomic bomb that its enemies fear…”


*Possibility of Implementing Sharia:*

=”They asked my father, Allama Muhammad Shafi Usmani (who was a leader of the Pakistan independence movement), in the pre-independence period: Will we find Islam governing the lives of Muslims in Pakistan as you aspire?

He answered, ‘I cannot guarantee that life will be governed by Islam one hundred percent, but what I see is that most Muslims will not find any hindrance there in implementing Sharia if they desire it.’

The senior scholars, under the leadership of their sheikh, Imam Tahawi, placed their trust in the “Islamic League” party, led by the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam), and because the members of this party did not exhibit outward signs of religiosity in their practical lives, this situation raised questions among some Muslims, claiming that these scholars fell victim to the party’s politics.”


=”In this context, my father, Allama Muhammad Shafi Usmani, was once asked: How did you place your trust in the League party? He answered, using a meaningful verse (in Urdu):


Dām mēṁ yār kē mēṁ dīdah ū dānistah phānsā

Mujhē nādān nah samj’hēn dil dānā wālē


And the meaning: (I intentionally and knowingly got entangled in the net of a friend’s trap, so the perceptive ones should not assume that I didn’t realize their scheme).”


=”The leaders of the League party, like Liaquat Ali Khan, were men of sincerity and work, but the hand of betrayal struck them after a year and a half, and the hope of the nation turned into a shattered dream.

The helm of governance, after them, fell into feeble hands that mismanaged and exploited it, steering it away from its core, which is the implementation of Sharia.”


*Its Advantages:*

=”Despite all the circumstances and crises that our beloved nation faces, it still possesses a constitution that is more Islamic than that of any other country. This constitution provides a safe environment for Muslims to strive peacefully for the implementation of Sharia.

Recent events in the Pakistani Parliament illustrate this, where a draft resolution was passed to impose the strictest punishments for those who insult the family of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

Similar efforts were made to declare the deviant Qadiani sect as non-Muslims, with an agreement from Parliament members. Which other country can do that in today’s world?”


*How to Overcome Current Crises:*

=”Amidst the political and economic crises we are facing, some hearts may be filled with despair, and some may even consider leaving their homeland due to a lack of faith in the system. This is not a commendable path.

In such challenging times, the Quran guides us, advising against weakness and sorrow, and instead promising elevation, assistance, and empowerment under one condition: faith.

The Almighty says:

‘Do not be weak or grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.’ This verse was revealed after the temporary setback Muslims faced in the Battle of Uhud, as a comfort and reassurance after being reminded of their shortcomings.”


*The Solution:*

=According to this verse, we – the people of Pakistan – should hold onto two things:

“Firstly, everyone should commit themselves to fulfill their duties, entrusted to them with faith, integrity, and loyalty, without any negligence or downplaying.

Secondly, each of us should fervently supplicate to Allah in their private moments and gatherings, beseeching His blessings and adornment for our land, asking Him to remove us from the darkness of these crises and lead us to the dawn of freedom and independence. This is a matter of pride for Allah and He says:

‘Do not be weak or grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.'”

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