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There is no denying the fact that we all are moving towards a world that supports a cashless or contactless model. Due to reasons such as advancements in technology or coronavirus, digital banking has opened up a realm of possibilities. “The pandemic has merely accelerated a phenomenon that was already taking place,” says the owner, chairman, and CEO of OneUnited Bank, Kevin Cohee. Corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals benefit from Islamic Virtual/Digital Banking simultaneously.

Whether you are just getting started with shariah compliant digital or virtual marketing or you have known about it for a while, it has many benefits we can explore, especially considering how quick and convenient GreensFin is. GreensFin and its endless benefits will make banking more accessible for people across the board.

One of the advantages of Islamic mobile and online banking solutions is the freedom to conduct banking whenever and however you like. Our devices are always available, allowing us to rapidly handle a variety of banking operations with the ability to access your account 24/7. Without having to go to a branch, you may simultaneously check your balance, make a transfer of money, and set up a reminder to notify you if any changes are made, saves time, right? The trend and long-term benefits of virtual banking include the option to go cashless.

Virtual Islamic banking makes your transactions more secure. Of course, there are threats everywhere, including inside the bank branch. Thankfully, with going digital, it is simple to adopt additional security measures for the safety of our customers. You now have the option to add multi-factor authentication to your online and mobile banking, for instance. You may now use biometric authentication to log in to many mobile banking apps. Additionally, we run an automated risk assessment. For example, if a login from an unidentified device is noticed, we can request additional verification.

Another great benefit of virtual banking is the abundance of features we offer. From a digital Islamic card to digital financing, we have it all. We may also provide our clients with individualized financial guidance, saving instruments, estimates for major purchases, or even virtual assistants who may aid our clients in determining what they can actually afford and how to manage their finances effectively, all through the comfort of an app. For those who use their primary bank’s mobile app, mobile check deposit, for instance, has been the most useful function during the previous year. Close to the top of the list were the options for viewing statements and account balances, transferring money, and paying bills.

Self-service financial management and real-time access to handle and move money as you see fit are two important advantages of virtual Islamic banking. In contrast to in-person banking, mobile banking websites and applications typically do not limit when you can carry out actions like check depositing or money transfers between accounts. Additionally, navigating daily transactions is becoming simpler. Push notifications for low balances or overdrafts and automated savings programmes are convenient. In some cases, the app may even allow you to activate a new debit or credit card.

The world is going digital, and so are we! We will have the first movers’ advantage in the industry, hence providing an opportunity to increase the base of Islamic Banking and Finance. For further information please contact:

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