SDGS versus Islam

SDGs according to Islam

Sustainable Development Golals of United Nations (SDGs) according to Islamic lawas, a brief comparison:

The 17 SDGs of United Nations are: No povertyzero hungergood health and well-beingquality educationgender equalityclean water and sanitationaffordable and clean energydecent work and economic growthindustry, innovation and infrastructure,  Reduced InequalitySustainable Cities and CommunitiesResponsible Consumption and ProductionClimate ActionLife Below WaterLife On LandPeace, Justice, and Strong InstitutionsPartnerships for the Goals

If we compare all these goals with the principles of Islamic law , we would find the Islamic religion not only encouraged to achieve these goals, rather it has explained the way to achieve these goal to bring prosperity and well being for all human kind. The laws mentioned by Holy Quran and sunnah govern all socio economic rules as well that caters to bring outcomes to achieve the above mentioned goals.

There are few examples of such rules:

1.     Zakah and charity: it’s enforced by Islam to give at least 2.5% of the wealth as Zakah like a charity to deserving people by all wealthy people who has around 657 gram silver or it’s equivalent wealth.

2.     Ushr : that 1/10 or 10% of all natural products should be given to poor people.

3.     Charity: there are different obligatory charities on differing occasions to be given to the poor. To give voluntary charity is rewarded and encouraged by Islam.

All these ways decrease the poverty.

4.     Prohibition of interest, Speculative transactions and risky and uncertain transactions like, interest , gambling, futures, forwards, sales of debt, short sale etc are tools of unfair distribution of wealth and cause the concentration of wealth in few hands, as these are without any real productive activities or businesses of Assest based businesses. And it creates inflation and other economical disorder s.

5.     Cultivation trees, conservation of waters , by protecting them of waste, or having well and rivers and water ways to equally distribute water, are such principle that promotes nature and eco systems. Which is again good for for earth and climate ultimately. All these things have been encouraged by Islam and described as these are continuing rewarding even after the death of the person.

6.     Education: it has been obligated to get education and prepare for technology and learning skills and earning money by vocational activities is rewarded by Islam.

7.     Exploring about the creation of all creations, like human beings, sky and earth and try to find out the reason behind by the Creator has been emphasized by Islam to obey right path and reach to his Creator, God. (Allah SWT)

8. Cleanliness: Islam has encouraged cleanliness of each and every thing including his body and all belongings and it’s considered as half of the Faith (Eemaan), and his beliefs in his religion. 

So our goals or guidelines are limited and self invented that may be altered by the times and but achieving these SDGs through the ways told by our God ( Allah SWT) provide such Devine rulings that are main root’s towards our well being and welfare certainly. We must study further on this and explore in depth to open for you new doors for blessings.

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